Cheapest Food Market in Lagos | 10 Cheap Foodstuff Markets

Cheapest Food Market in Lagos | Top 10 Cheap Foodstuff Markets

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The notion that Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial center is fast becoming old news; we are taught in economics that when supply exceeds demand, prices of goods and services fall; nevertheless, this does not halt the constant rise in prices of products and services in Lagos state.

When it comes to Lagos, is the most populous city in Africa and one of the most costly cities to live in Nigeria. To live successfully and comfortably in Lagos, you must be able to navigate the city.

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The underlying facts are that traders from all regions of Nigeria and neighboring countries bring food into the country, specifically Lagos, daily.

Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

We looked for ten marketplaces in Lagos where cheap food stuffs are sold. In food markets, you can get practically anything you need, including edible and non-edible items.

Nonetheless, certain markets are well-known for specific commodities offered; however, I will concentrate on the top ten Best Foodstuff Markets in Lagos so that you can buy stress-free and conveniently whenever the need arises.

Cheapest Food Market in Lagos | Top 10 Best Cheap Food Markets in Lagos

Where To Get Foodstuffs in Bulk and At Cheaper Prices in Lagos

  1. Oyingbo Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

One of the oldest foodstuffs marketplaces in Lagos state is the famed Oyingbo market. The market has been around for at least 50 years.

This market is practically the largest in Lagos for purchasing low-cost food items. The market has grown so huge that it is now being extended to nearby streets.

This market specializes in all types of food, including stockfish of all species, vegetables, crayfish, and local specialties. Oyingbo market is a short walk from costain bus stop.

  1. Ido Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

This market is fairly close to the market in Oyingbo. You may obtain stockfish, tomatoes, peppers, beans, rice, red oil, groundnut oil, onions, crayfish, and just about every other food item at wholesale costs from this market.

However, market retailers/supermarkets/online grocery stores in Lagos who are in the business of selling food items come here to buy in large quantities for resale.

It’s a great place to shop for inexpensive food items in Lagos.

  1. Mile 12 Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

Mile 12 Market is another good place to go in Lagos if you’re looking for affordable food. Farmers from other states, mostly from rural areas, bring their collected food items to Mile 12 market, as is customary.

Do you know that a bunch of plantains can be purchased for as little as ₦1000 at this market? Farmers from various states bring in their harvested food items for sale on specific days.

At Mile 12 Market, you can get all of your food items for a very low price, including vegetables, rice, and pepper in large baskets, onions, tomatoes, fruits, and other items in sacks and baskets.

Mile 12 Market is on ikorodu road, and it’s the bus stop after Ketu Market if you’re going from Maryland. It’s a great place for buying cheap foodstuffs or items in Lagos.

  1. Daleko Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

Most markets are known for what they specialize in, and Daleko Market is known for selling wholesale prices, bags of rice, beans, groundnut oil, palm oil, semo, and sugar, etc.

The market is in the isolo local government region, which is not far from Mushin.

Retailers can get goods at extremely cheap prices as well; depending on your area, you could give it a try.

  1. Oke Odo Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

In Lagos, the Oke Odo market is another popular place to go for affordable food items.

This is a market that few people are familiar with. This market is located within the Agbado Oke Odo local government region, and it attracts traders from nearby states and farms.

Foodstuffs, fresh vegetables, groundnuts, palm oil, yam, garri, elubo, and plantains are all guaranteed to be available.

  1. Idi Oro Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

Mushin’s renowned Plantain Market, not far from Oloosa. If you’re a plantain fan, this should be your last destination for inexpensive and large plantains.

Plantains are available both ripe and unripe; yet, this is not to suggest that other fruits are not offered there; rather, Plantain appears to be the most prevalent and at a very low price.

  1. Ijora Fish Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

The name is self-explanatory. You may obtain a variety of fish species here, like tilapia, Crocker, seafood, and catfish, to name a few.

The Ijora Fish Market is close to the Apapa Sea Port and the PHCN Ijora.

There are always sea fish of various species and sizes to choose from. Fresh fish in cartons and live fish are known as “Onmi” (which means “live fish still breathing”) are always available on-demand, depending on your purchasing power.

  1. Liver pool Under Bridge ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

This market is easy to find because it is near to the famed Tincan Island in Apapa as well as Creek Road. This market specializes in both fresh and dried fish.

As a result of the nearby seaports, it is a relatively large market with different foodstuff for sale.

  1. Iyana-Oba Market ~ Cheapest Food Market in Lagos

This market is familiar to those who live along the Badagry Express Road axis and its vicinity.

It is noted for selling cheap foodstuffs like egusi, crayfish, groundnut oil, palm oil, beans, rice, flour, and other essential foods.

The inflow of food goods is particularly noticeable along the road leading to the border.

Fresh fruits are also offered there at extremely low prices; Iyanaoba boasts of having the cheapest fruit market in Lagos.

  1. Ojo-Alaba Market ~

This market is roughly a 50-naira bus ride from the popular mile 2 bus stop, and it is extremely close to Orile, in fact, it is within walking distance of Orile.

Oki-Alaba market is also recognized for providing a variety of reduced food items. There are several divisions in this market:

There are associations for fish dealers, meat sellers, goat meat sellers, cow meat sellers, chicken, and lean meat sellers, to name a few.

When compared to the roadside or inner street vendors, all food items are quite cheap. You may get whatever you need from this market at a low price, including edible and non-edible items such as clothes, shoes, and the like.

It is a popular market in Lagos where one can get inexpensive food and products.

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