Foodstuff Market Price List in Nigeria as at September, 2021

Foodstuff Market Price List in Nigeria as of September 2021

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Do you want to know how much foodstuff costs in Nigeria? Or the latest Foodstuff Market Price List

We all love food and want to know how much it costs, regardless of who we are or what we do.

However, the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria differ from those in other countries.

If you’re new to the country and want to know how much food costs, you are at the right place.

We’ll let you know how much each food item costs in Nigeria, so you can stay save money.

Furthermore, everyone, including animals, requires food to survive.

People’s lives are dependent on food, making it one of the most important commodities on the market. Food is extremely important to everyone, as evidenced by this.

Nevertheless, if you truly want to know the price of food in Nigeria, you must first grasp how to estimate the quantity of each food item and what you should expect.

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Foodstuff Market Price List

In this article, I’ll list all of the foods available in Nigeria, along with their prices.

This post will also include information on how they measure (that is, the quantity) to further enlighten you.

Also, rice, beans, noodles, yam, tomatoes, cocoyam, onions, crayfish, pepper, Maggi (seasoning), salt, palm oil, groundnut oil, and fish are some of the foodstuffs you’ll come across.

Some of these foodstuffs have different pricing in different parts of the country.

Nevertheless, depending on where you live in Nigeria, a small amount will be added on top or reduced.

Let us now explore the prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria.

If you want to know the cost and how they measure the quantities – here is the Foodstuff Market Price List in Nigeria.
Foodstuffs in Nigeria Prices in Nigerian currency (N)
80kg Bag of Garri (Ijebu) N10,500
50kg Bag of Garri (White) N6,500 to N7,500
50kg Bag of Garri (Yellow) N6,500 to N7,500
5 Liters of Palm Oil N2,200 to N2,500
20 Liters of Palm Oil N8,800 to N9,000
30 Liters of Palm Oil N12,800 to N13,000
Dangote Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Golden Penny Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Bonita Spaghetti (500g) N250 to N300
Power Spaghetti (500g) N200 to N250
Big Basket of Sweet Potato N500 to N650
Small Basket of Sweet potato N300 to N400
Big Basket of Irish Potato N1,900 to N2,200
Medium Basket of Irish Potato N1,000 to N1,300
Small Basket of Irish Potato N500 – N700
5 Liters of Groundnut Oil N2,300 to N2,500
20 Liters of Groundnut Oil N9,000 to N9,500
30 Liters of Groundnut Oil N13,500 to N14,000
5 Liters of Wesson Vegetable Oil N4,500 to N4,700
5 Liters of Kings Vegetable Oil N2,900 to N3,000
3.8 Liters of Mamador Vegetable Oil N3,000 to N3,200
3 Liters of Power Vegetable Oil N2,400 to N2,600
Dangote Sugar (50kg) N17,000 to N17, 300
St. Louis Sugar Cube (500g) N300 to N400
Golden Penny Sugar Cube (500g) N300 to N4000
A loaf of Bread (small size) N70 to N150
A loaf of Bread (medium size) N300 to N500
Crat of Eggs N1100 to N1300


Prices of Rice in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

In Nigeria, there are many different types of rice brands, and as a result, costs vary depending on the rice brand.

However, I will make every effort to highlight some of Nigeria’s best rice brands, including locally produced rice.

Also, you should be aware that the price of the rice brand varies depending on whether it is purchased in a store or at a market.

For example, local rice in Gboko Main Market in Benue costs N14,000, whereas the same rice in Bodija Market in Ibadan costs N20,000.

This demonstrates that if you want to start selling rice, purchasing it in Gboko Main Market, Benue, is a good idea.

Here are the prices of Rice in Nigeria; Foodstuff Market Price List

Rice brands in Nigeria Prices in Nigerian Currency (N)
50kg Bag of Local Rice N14,000 to N25,000
50kg Bag of Polished Rice N22,000 to N28,000
5kg Bag of Ofada Rice N2,800 to N3,500
50kg Bag of Ofada Rice N25,000 to N28,000
A Cup of Local Rice N800
A Cup of Polished Rice N100 to N130
50kg Bag of Mama Gold Rice N26,000 to N32,000
Royal Stallion Rice (50kg) N25,500 to N31,500
50kg Bag of Rice Master Rice N26,000 to N31,000
25kg Bag of Rice Master Rice N13,000 to N16,500
50kg Bag of Cap Rice N25,500 to N32,000
25kg Bag of Cap Rice N13,000 to N17,000
25kg Bag of Falcon Rice N8,000 to N10,000
5kg bag of Basmati Rice N4,000 to N4,800

Beans Prices in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

Beans are also a favorite food of many Nigerians, particularly men.

However, some people prefer their beans prepared in specific ways.

You can cook the beans with plantain, yam, rice, or just beans by themselves.

Beans can also be used to make Moi-Moi, Akara (a traditional Nigerian cake), porridge beans, or Gbegiri Soup.

Beans, on the other hand, are heavy in protein and iron.

If you wish to consume beans today, there are many different types of beans available in Nigeria.

In the Nigerian market, you’ll find the following bean categories:

  • Iron beans
  • Lima beans
  • Olotun beans
  • Oloyin beans
  • Zebra beans
  • White beans
  • Brown beans
Beans in Nigeria Prices in Nigerian currency (N)
50kg Bag of Oloyin Beans N30,000 to N39,000
25kg Bag of Oloyin Beans N15,000 to N19,000
A cup of Oloyin Beans N100
50kg Bag of Olotun Beans N29,000 to N36,000
25kg Bag of Olotun Beans N14,000 to N17,500
A cup of Olotun Beans N100
50kg Bag of Lima Beans N33,000
25kg Bag of Lima Beans N16,500
A cup of Lima Beans N110
50kg Bag of White Beans N32,000
50kg Bag of Brown Beans N32,000
A cup of Brown Beans N90
A cup of White Beans N80

Prices of Noodles in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

When it comes to noodles, many Nigerians, particularly children, and bachelors enjoy making them.

  • Indomie Noodles
  • Chiki Noodles
  • Golden Penny Noodles
  • Uno Noodles
  • Minimi Noodles
  • Dangote Noodles and many more

Noodles, on the other hand, are a quick and effective way to satisfy your hunger.

If you call noodles in Nigeria, some store owners will probably look at you strangely because they love referring to all noodles as indomie.

Furthermore, while Indomie is not the only brand of noodles available in Nigeria, it is one of the best and most well-known.

In truth, Nigeria has a variety of noodle varieties. which include:

Types of Noodles in Nigeria Prices (N)
Superpack Indomie Noodles (120g x 40ps) cartoon N3,300 to N3,400
Hungry Man size Indomie Noodles (200g x 24ps) cartoon N4,300 to N4,500
Chicken Indomie Noodles (70g x 40ps) cartoon N1,900 to N2,100
Onion Indomie Noodles (70g x 40ps) cartoon N2,100 to N2,200
Belleful Indomie Noodles (305g x 16ps) cartoon N4,300 to N4,500
Chiki Instant Noodles cartoon (100g x 40) N3,000 to N3,200
Golden Penny Instant Noodles cartoon (70g x 40ps) N2,100 to N2300
Dangote Instant Noodles cartoon (70g x 40ps) N1700 to N1900

Prices of Yam in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

Depending on the size, a yam tuber might cost anywhere from N300 to N1,000.

However, yam is a popular Nigerian cuisine, and many people have different ways of eating it.

You can cook yam with beans or eat it plain, with or without other meal items, or with palm oil.

Furthermore, Nigerians refer to yam in a variety of ways, including Udia (in Efik/Ibibio), Abuja yam, Benue yam, Bwari yam, and a variety of other names.

You can also do porridge yam, which is more healthy, or white soap pounded yam (I love eating it).

Nonetheless, below are the several sorts of yams available in Nigeria, as well as their pricing.

  • Medium size of yam (N400 to N600)
  • The large size of Yam (N800 to N1,500)
  • Abuja Yam (N500 to 700) for medium size
  • The large size of Abuja yam (N700 to N1000)
  • Benue Yam (N250 to N450) for medium size
  • The Large size of Benue yam (N600 to N800)
  • The bulk of 5 yam tubers (N2,500 to N9,000) varies depending on the size, and it is commonly used as marriage items.

Prices of Beverages in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

If you enjoy being offered tea when you wake up in the morning, you should look at the prices of beverages in Nigeria.

Beverage prices in Nigeria vary depending on the brand and your preference.

However, the majority of these prices vary depending on where you are, such as Abuja or Lagos.

Furthermore, different beverages have varied price tags in different stores or shopping complexes.

However, in this post, I will provide you with the most common costs for these different beverages.

Here are the beverage prices in Nigeria ~ Foodstuff Market Price List

Beverages in Nigeria Prices in Nigerian currency (N)
500g of Plastic Bournvita N950 to N1000
900g of Plastic Bournvita N1,600 to N1800
500g of Refill Ovaltine N850 to N950
500g of Plastic Ovaltine N900 to N100
500g of Tin Milo N1,000 to N1200
900g of Tin Milo N1,900 to N2000
500g of Refill Milo N950 to N1000
50g of Classic Coffee Nescafe N550 to N600
52g of label Coffee Nescafe N230 to N300
Gold Blend Coffee Nescafe N1,600- N1800
52g of Top Tea N200- N300
400g of Tin Peak Milk (Powdered) N1,150 to N1,200
500g of Refill Peak Milk (Powdered) N950 to N1,100
900g of Tin Peak Milk (Powdered) N1,900 to N2,000
500g of Tin Dano Milk (Powdered) N900 to N1,000
900g of Tin Dano Milk (Powdered) N1,650 to N1,700
500g of Refill Dano Milk N800 to N1000
380g of Three Crowns Milk N850 to N1,000
400g of Tin Loya Milk (Powdered) N800 to N950
400g of Refill Loya Milk (Powdered) N700 to N850
500g of Coast Milk (Powdered) N700 to N800
How does the cost of food fluctuate in Nigeria? Foodstuff Market Price List

These were the food prices at the time of writing this post, but we all know that prices can change at any time.

However, the purpose of this written paper is to inform you on what to expect in the market or a store so that you do not get taken advantage of.

We have just been able to cover some of Nigeria’s most crucial food prices.

If you believe any of the foodstuff prices mentioned in the post are incorrect, please let us know in the comments section.

Or if you’re keen to know about the pricing of foodstuffs in Nigeria that aren’t covered on this page.

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