Chia Seed Pudding – Is Chia Pudding Good for Weight Loss?

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe – Is Chia Pudding Good for Weight Loss?

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe
Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

The Chia Seed Pudding Recipe – Chia pudding is a great way to meal prep for the week with a healthy breakfast or snack.

It’s creamy, filling, and high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and keto are all options.

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This chia seed pudding recipe has been my go-to breakfast/afternoon snack now that the weather is warming up. It’s refreshing, creamy, and only gently sweetened.

The Chia Seed Pudding Recipe – What are chia seeds?

Chia is a Mexican mint that is a member of the mint family. Chia seeds are pseudo-grain that are eaten like entire grains.

That means they’re a non-grass plant’s carbohydrate-rich seeds. Chia seeds swell when they come into contact with liquid and produce a thick gel.

Chia seeds were once thought to be a staple of Aztec and Mayan diets, but they were eventually outlawed due to their religious ritualistic use.

They’ve had a small following over the previous century or so, but have recently resurfaced as a potential superfood.

Let’s speak about chia pudding for a moment. Now is the time to try this nutritious breakfast meal if you haven’t before.

It all starts with chia seeds, small little seeds filled with nourishment, and chia seeds have numerous health benefits.

It has a dessert-like flavor yet is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Another reason I adore this chia pudding: it’s gluten-free. It’s quick and easy to make, and it lasts for about 5 days in the fridge.

There are a ton of chia seed recipes out there, but if you’re new to them, chia pudding is a great way to get a feel for their absorption capability, the gel-like texture chia seeds produce, and their ability to keep you full.

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe: How to Make Chia Pudding – A Step-by-Step Guide (3 Steps)
  • Making chia pudding is incredibly simple! Firstly, combine your chia seeds and milk in a mason jar or bowl.
  • Secondly, I use 3 tablespoons of chia seeds per cup of liquid, but if you want a thicker chia pudding, use 4 tablespoons per cup of liquid.
  • Please keep in mind that 1 cup of liquid could be (low-fat, non-fat, soy, almond, coconut, rice, hemp, or any other unsweetened non-dairy beverage).
  • After that, allow 5 minutes for the chia pudding mixture to “set,” then give it another stir/shake to break up any clumps of chia seeds, cover, and place the mixture in the fridge to “set” for 1-2 hours or overnight.
  • Finally, the chia pudding should be thick and dense rather than watery. If it’s not thick enough, add 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon more chia seeds, stir, and chill for another 30 minutes or so.

(* The total calories, protein, and fat are going to be higher if made using higher-fat milk, along with flavors together with chocolate and nuts.)

Serving Suggestions for Chia Seed Pudding

Chia pudding is creamy, rich, and faintly sweet on its own. But, let’s face it, let’s be honest:

The toppings are the best part of any chia seed pudding dish! Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Fruit that is still fresh. I like to top chia seed pudding with berries and sour cherries. In the summer, use fresh ones, and the rest of the year, use thawed frozen ones.
  • Coconut flakes, chopped almonds, or homemade granola are all good options.
  • Something delectable. Drizzle a little more maple syrup on top. Honey is also effective.

Fill your chia seed pudding to the brim for a nutritious breakfast or snack! Any leftovers can be kept for up to 5 days in the sealed jar or an airtight container.

If the pudding becomes too thick, add a bit more milk to loosen it up. Wait until just before serving to add the toppings.

Is Chia Seed Pudding healthy? Is Chia Pudding good for weight loss?

There are many claims on the internet that chia seeds help you lose weight and suppress your appetite. Chia seeds are said to keep you fuller for longer because they are filling and high in fiber. As a result, they may aid in the prevention of overeating.

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