Goat Meat Stew: How to Make Nigerian Spicy Stew

Growing up in Nigeria, Goat Meat stew wasn’t something we eat ordinarily and or daily.

It’s one of the main side dishes on the dinner table during the holidays. It goes well with almost everything – with pounded yam, potatoes, boiled yam, fried plantains, beans…

Goat Meat Stew Recipe
Goat Meat Stew Recipe

Most of all, my favorite combination of all time is Goat meat stew with white rice. Therefore, if you’re looking for a goat meat recipe, the whole family can enjoy then this is it.

What Is Goat Meat Stew?

Goat Meat Stew is a finger-licking, lip-smacking combination of roasted goat meat sautéed in tomato sauce, it is so delicious, that you’ll almost be tempted to eat it all in one sitting!

Goat meat stew is not peculiar to Nigeria cuisine alone; various countries in African enjoy it too. So basically, this goat meat stew is your gateway to African cuisine.

African spicy goat meat stew is very comparable to Dominican’s chivo guisado Picante and Venezuela’s chivo stew. The only alteration is in the spices and preparation technique.

Benefits of Goat Meat

  • Goat meat is very common in Africa, Europe, Asia, and in other countries, but not in the United States where pork, beef, and chicken are dominating
  • Fascinatingly, goat meat is healthier than beef, though many people are not aware. It is lower in calories with more protein and iron than pork, beef, lamb, and chicken.
  • Plus, Goat meat is very low in saturated fat and since we need healthy fat for a low carb diet, goat meat should be cooked with its fats,

Is Goat Meat Keto-Friendly?

Absolutely! Goat meat is keto-friendly since it contains no carbs.

How to Get Rid Of Goat Meat Smell

Try buying the female goat since Billy (male) goats stink to the highest heavens!

Where Can I Buy Goat Meat?

If you are in Nigeria, you can easily get it in abundance from any Nigerian local markets.

Goat Meat Stew Recipe

Normally, the recipe calls for only tomatoes that will not be smoothly crushed (back then, we usually crush the tomatoes and peppers with the mortar and a pestle or with grinding stone).

But now, there are variations to goat meat stew recipe especially with the different ethnic groups in Nigeria

Hence, I have decided to add bell pepper which wasn’t an Igbo thing. Igbos are not known for adding too many peppers to their stews.

Goat Meat Stew Ingredients: For the meat

  • 1½ lb goat meat
  • One garlic clove
  • 1 tsp. Thyme
  • One tsp. Curry powder
  • 1 tsp. Dry pepper powder
  • One small onion
  • Salt
  • Bouillon to taste
For stew
  • 4 beef tomatoes
  • 2 bell peppers
  • One habanero
  • 1½ onion
  • A pinch of thyme(optional)
  • 2 cups of meat stock
  • 1 cup cooking oil
  • Bouillon
  • Salt


  • Goat meat is tough by nature due to its leanness, so slow cooking helps to soften its connective tissues and make it easier to consume.
  • Also, oven roasting the goat meat improves its bold flavors and results in an unbelievably savory dish.

To Cook the Meat

  1. Firstly, put the meat and seasonings into a pot and allow cooking in its juices.
  2. Secondly, as soon as the juices are dry, add some water and taste for seasonings. Then allow the meat to cook until tender.
  3. On the other hand, you can pour water into the pot with the seasonings and meat and let it cook until soft.
  4. Then, drain out the stock from the meat and fry or place in an oven to grill until golden brown.

The Stew

  1. Firstly, coarsely or smoothly blend the peppers, whole onion, and tomatoes.
  2. Secondly, pour into a pot and allow cooking until the liquid is dry and the mix has formed a paste.
  3. After that, heat the oil, and add some onion and fry until translucent. Add a pinch of thyme to give the oil some flavor.
  4. Afterward, add the tomato mix to the oil. Add the meat stock and cook (ensuring you stir occasionally to avoid burning) until the oil has floated to the top.
  5. Then, add the goat meat and taste for seasonings. Leave to cook for another minute; then turn off the heat and let the goat meat soak in the stew.



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