Aju Mbaise for Fertility, Tummy Fat Burner & Weight Loss

Aju Mbaise for fertility is a traditional medicine made of fresh herbs, fertility herbs, and fruits, blended to be taken within weeks for couples trying to conceive.

This fertility herb is also very good for women suffering from the hotness of the stomach as it calms the walls of the stomach down to enable healthy sperm to settle to form a baby.

What Is Aju Mbaise For Fertility Made Of?

It is made from herbal leaves, barks or roots of highly medicinal plants tied or wrapped together. This herb contains a natural element that can prevent and help to lessen stomach fat.

Why Aju Mbaise?

Aju Mbaise got its name from the shape (Oshuka in Yoruba) and Mbaise is a region in Imo State in southeastern Nigeria that produces the herbs. There is No Yoruba name or English name for it yet.

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Aju Mbaise is a combination of potent herbs from the leaves and barks of trees. These herbs are usually wrapped together and tied so as not to lose.

The medicinal herbs in combination with some spices such as Uda, Uziza & Ehuru are used by Mbaise women as a slimming herbal tea to get their body back after delivery.

Aju Mbaise Flat Tummy Tea Health Benefits

For women

1) These herbs help to detoxify, cleanse and sanitize the womb after delivery.

2) It helps to remove the stale and bad blood in the womb, the excess water, and every post-natal substance that is remaining hence allowing the stomach to return to its normal size

3) It also helps the woman cycle to normalize and ready for conception.

4) Stop painful and irregular menstruation

5) For detoxification: A woman who just miscarried can take it too to clear off dead particles

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Aju-Mbaise & Male Fertility

Say no to low sperm count, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and many more with your number one most sort-after herb Aju-Mbaise.

Aju-Mbaise Helps To: fight weak erection, boost sperm count, fight waist pain, increase libido, last longer for better satisfaction & many others.

Generally, Aju Mbaise remedies are good for Weight Loss & Flat Tummy. Postpartum Cleansing, Infection, fertility, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst, PMS, seized period, painful periods, etc.

Aju Mbaise for fertility recipe is different from Aju Mbaise for weight loss recipe.

If you’re trying to conceive, don’t mix the two recipes as the former detoxifies the body while the latter keeps body and soul together.

How to Prepare Aju Mbaise for Fertility

  1. Firstly, wash the Aju Mbaise very well.
  2. Secondly, put it in a bigger pot and cover it with water.
  3. Then, add the spices without washing.
  4. After that, cover and allow to boil until you notice the golden color.
  5. Lastly, drink it hot, not warm for effective results. Drink like hot tea, a cup in the morning before breakfast. and 1 cup in the evening after 3 hours of dinner.

How to Use It; (For a very noticeable effect, use judiciously for 4 weeks)

Note: You can use one Wrap of Aju Mbaise + spices per week. That is, after using 1 wrap for a week, throw it out and use another wrap to make another drink for the next week.

Who Should Not Use It?

  • Breastfeeding women doing exclusive
  • Pregnant women

Uses of Aju Mbaise Herbal Slimming tea For Fertility

  • Infertility issues.
  • Used to combat hormonal imbalance
  • Used to combat irregular menstruation and enhance ovulation
  • Burn tummy fat

When to Take Aju Mbaise for Fertility

  1. Always take your fertility herbal drink, morning and night as prescribed.
    Have regular intercourse, within or after ovulation.
  2. It might take a while. So take your fertility drink, relax and have some fun.
  3. Many testimonies with proofs which you can be part of.
How Do You Preserve Aju Mbaise

You can cook and store the water in a bottle or can refrigerate, just warm it when you are about to drink it.

Side Effect of Aju Mbaise for fertility

There are no side effects of this remedy so far. However, you should be aware that over-dosage can cause light-headedness.

Aju Mbaise Traditional Herb
Aju Mbaise Traditional Herb

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