How to Make Peanut – How to Roast Raw Peanuts At Home

How to Make Peanut – How to Roast Raw Peanuts At Home

How to Make Peanut Recipe
How to Make Peanut Recipe

Peanuts are simple and healthful snacks. Roasted peanuts, also known as parched peanuts, are a tasty on-the-go snack.

These peanuts, which are roasted in a skillet and sprinkled with salt while still warm, will quickly become an addiction.

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We adore using roasted peanuts in salads, slaws, cereal, and other foods.

However, we have discovered that purchasing raw peanuts in bulk and roasting them at home is far more affordable.

This also allows us to be more accurate in regulating the roasted flavor

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How to Make Peanut – How to Roast Raw Peanuts At Home

At home, you can roast peanuts in the oven, microwave, or stovetop. The flavor is hard to beat, and it’s really simple to make.

There aren’t any special techniques for roasting nuts.

The timing is the main issue since you have to roast the peanuts in the shell for a little bit longer than the shelled peanuts.

In either case, you can start crunching just after around 30 minutes.

All you need is some raw peanuts which are the main ingredient (Raw and dried peanuts are the best for roasting.).

Your dried peanuts can either be shelled or unshelled. When using peanuts in the shell, sort them before you begin

You only want to roast the ones that have clean, unbroken, and unblemished shells. Also, they should not rattle when you shake them.

How to Make Peanuts – How do you roast peanuts on the stove?
  • Firstly, spread your peanuts in a single layer around a heated pan.
  • Then, allow roasting on medium heat for 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the type of the stove, and the desired roast.
  • After that, when peanuts are roasted to your liking, remove them from the heat right away.
  • Finally, transfer the roasted peanuts to a plate and allow them to cool.
How do you make perfect oven-roasted peanuts? How to Make Peanut

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Then, place the raw peanut (either shell on or shelled) in a single layer inside a shallow baking pan.

Shelled peanuts should be baked for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring once or twice throughout cooking, or until the shells start to come off and the peanuts are just beginning to turn brown.

How dry roasted peanuts are made? How to Make Peanut

Similar to roasted peanuts, dry roasted peanuts are roasted without the use of oil.

As a result, the peanuts are even healthier. Usually, oil is used to make the seasonings stick to the peanuts.

Since there is no oil in this recipe, the peanuts are blanched in hot water for a short period of time to help the spices cling.

ingredients for making peanut
  • 2 cups raw peanuts, shelled ( about 300 grams)
  • 2 tsp. hot water
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 5 tsp. seasoning of choice (e.g. garlic powder, curry powder, five-spice, etc.) more or less to taste
  • Add the salt and your seasoning of choice to the hot water, and mix until the salt has completely dissolved.
  • Then, add the peanuts and thoroughly combine them so that the seasoning is well distributed.
  • Roast the peanuts using one of the following methods mentioned above. I recommend using the oven for ease and better flavor.

Baked Peanuts (Recommended) ~ How to Make Peanuts –

  • Bake for 12 to 20 minutes at 325 F, flipping halfway through to ensure even browning.
  • Make sure the peanuts are not browning too soon by keeping an eye on them.
  • Remove the peanuts from the oven as soon as they are fragrant and nicely browned to avoid burning.
Microwave Peanut ~ How to Make Peanut

Please take note that the following microwave cooking times can vary based on your microwave’s power.

You should reduce the cooking durations to avoid charring the food the more powerful the microwave is.

The peanuts should be microwaved as follows, stirring after each round: 2:30 minutes, 2 minutes, 1:30 minutes, and 30 seconds.


Should peanuts be soaked before roasting?

The peanuts must be soaked in salty brine long enough for the flavor to reach the “nut” itself.

The peanuts must dry after brining before roasting. Finally, they must cool before serving since even after being taken out of the oven, they continue to cook inside the shell.

How do you roast peanuts on the stove? How to Make Peanut
  • Firstly, onto a hot pan, spread out your peanuts in a single layer
  • Then, depending on the type of stove and the desired roast, give it 6 to 10 minutes to roast on medium heat.
  • After that, remove the peanuts from the heat as soon as they are done roasting to your preferences.
  • Lastly, transfer the roasted peanuts to a plate to cool.
Are roasted peanuts healthy?

Both raw and roasted nuts are healthy and beneficial for you. Similar levels of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber are present in both versions.

However, roasting nuts may destroy their beneficial fat, lower the number of nutrients they contain, and cause the production of the poison acrylamide.

How do I roast peanuts without an oven? How dry roasted peanuts are made?

Similar to roasted peanuts, dry roasted peanuts are roasted without the use of oil. As a result, peanuts are now even healthier.

Usually, oil is used to make the seasonings adhere to the peanuts.

Since there is no oil in this recipe, the peanuts are blanched in hot water for a short period of time to help the spices adhere.

How do you remove moisture from peanuts?
  • Put peanut oil into a skillet or heavy-based frying pan.
  • Then, sauté for about 3 minutes, before removing from the heat
  • Lastly, add salt if liked, and then allow cooling.
    Roast peanuts in the shell.
  • Assemble a single layer in a shallow pan.
  • Put in an oven set to 300ºF/150ºC.
  • Bake for 30-40 minutes, stirring from time to time.
How much time should peanuts soak? How to Make Peanut

1 In a 10- to 12-quart stockpot, stir 1/2 cup salt into 2 gallons of water until the salt dissolves, and add the raw peanuts.

  1. To assist in submerging the floating peanuts, use one or two large dinner plates. Let soak for eight hours or overnight.
Why isn’t the peanut I just roasted crunchy? How to Make Peanut

Boiling the peanuts before roasting them, makes the peanuts acquire a firmer and crunchier texture

The peanuts are next slowly roasted in the oven for a few hours, and then left in the oven overnight without turning on the heat.

Why soaked peanuts are better? How to Make Peanut

Doctors claim that soaking peanuts increases their nutritional value.

Antioxidants, copper, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, and calcium are all abundant in these nuts.

These minerals are essential for maintaining healthy bones, skin, and hair as well as proper organ function.

How long do roasted peanuts last? How to Make Peanut

You should eat unsealed roasted nuts and honey roasted nuts within two to three months.

Additionally, they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to six months.

How do you roast peanuts in a pan without oil? How to Make Peanut

We have taken 1/2 Tbsp of Peanuts, and 1/2 Tbsp of Salt. Add salt to a non-stick pan and heat it on low flame. Mix well and let it become hot

What benefits do eating roasted peanuts offer? Health Benefits of roasted peanut

Peanuts reduce cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent heart disease.

Additionally, they can prevent the formation of tiny blood clots and lower your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

You might feel full on fewer calories by eating foods high in protein.

Is daily peanut consumption okay?

So, is daily eating of peanuts safe? The quick response is “yes” Eating peanuts regularly can be quite healthy for you.

A production diet can benefit greatly from the addition of peanuts.

Are peanuts good for the male fluid?

Peanuts are also a good source of resveratrol, an antioxidant that has also been shown to support sēxual health in men.

According to some human and animal studies, resveratrol may likewise improve spērm quality and erēctile function

How many peanuts can I eat a day?

Around 42 grams of peanuts are the daily maximum amount that is advised. It’s equivalent to 16 peanuts.

Since peanuts are heavy in fat and have a lot of calories, it’s necessary to eat them in moderation.

Despite being healthy food, they shouldn’t be consumed in excess.

Can I roast peanuts in the microwave? How to Make tasty Peanut
  • Stir peanuts, and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir peanuts, and microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Then, check to see if peanuts are roasted (golden brown), if peanuts are pale in color, continue in 30-second increments until roasted.
  • Cool on a baking sheet until completely cool, about 20 minutes – the peanuts will become crunchy as it cool.
Can roasted peanuts be boiled? How to Make Peanut

Yes, if you choose, you can boil them without any spice.

How should I preserve my boiled peanuts? Drain the peanuts, place them in a jar with a tight lid, and store them in the fridge.

What is the difference between roasted peanuts and dry roasted peanuts?


There’s some debate over whether dry-roasted or oil-roasted peanuts are the healthier options.

Dry roasting has fewer calories and fat and may be preferable for those watching their calories.

However, oil-roasted peanuts are beneficial for your heart because they have less sodium.

How do you roast and blanch peanuts? How to Make Peanut

Just arrange the blanched peanuts in a single layer at the bottom of a shallow baking dish. Roast for 15 to 20 minutes at 350° F.

Since peanuts continue to cook as they cool, remove them from heat just before they are done as desired. When they begin to turn golden, they are ready

How do you roast raw nuts at home? How is dry roasting done?

What is the difference between roasted and dry roasted nuts?

Dry roasting is just as the name suggests: dry. Nuts are a lot of times roasted in oil which adds calories.

Given that nuts are mostly fat, they are best to roast without any added fat – that’s “dry roasting”.

“Oven-roasted” could mean either oil roasted or dry roasted.

Can you dry peanuts in the oven? How to Make delicious Peanut

Roast peanuts out of the shell.

  • Firstly, arrange a single layer in a shallow pan lined with parchment paper.
  • Then, place it in an oven set to 300ºF/150ºC. Roast for about 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.
How do you preserve roasted peanuts?

How to Keep Peanuts Safe

  1. Seal. In a sizable food protection container or Zipper Bag, seal any loose or packaged peanuts.
  2. Refrigerate. Nuts should be kept dry and in a dark place, preferably in the fridge.
Which are healthier dry roasted or salted peanuts?

Tip. There’s some debate over whether dry-roasted or oil-roasted peanuts are the healthier options.

Dry roasting has fewer calories and fat and may be preferable for those watching their calories.

What kind of peanuts is the healthiest?

Raw peanuts

Raw peanuts are the most healthful variety.  An excellent option is peanut butter with a balanced nutritional profile and a number of health advantages.

What is the side effect of peanuts?

Some people may experience symptoms after consuming even a tiny amount of peanuts, including runny nose, tingling in the mouth and throat, skin problems, shortness of breath, and digestive problems.

It is important to watch out for these symptoms and respond right away because failing to do so could be fatal.

When is the best time to consume peanuts?

Peanuts are frequently eaten as an evening snack. These can also be added to ladoos, protein bars, or a chaat.

“The best time to consume peanuts would be in the morning or the daytime. A late afternoon snack of peanuts is also perfect

Do we need to soak peanuts?

According to doctors, soaking peanuts makes them more nutritious.

These nuts are rich in antioxidants, copper, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, and calcium.

These are minerals needed for the healthy functioning of organs, healthy bones, skin, and hair.

How are roasted peanuts salted?

Peanuts are boiled in a brine solution under pressure for 10 – 20 minutes in order to get salt into the shells.

The salty water is forced inside the shell by the pressure.

If you’ve ever prepared boiling peanuts, you know that peanut shells are rather porous and not water-tight.

Why are my roasted peanuts chewy?

Pat dry and place in a single layer on a baking sheet. Then, roast at 300 degrees for 35-45 minutes.

When you take the peanuts out of the oven, they will be slightly undercooked (a little chewy), but they will continue to cook.

Give it five minutes to cool.

How do you salt peanuts that are in the shell?

Dissolve the salt in the water in a big, 5 – 6 quart, heat-safe container.

Stir in the peanuts once you’ve added them to ensure that everyone is covered in brine and submerged.

To ensure that the floating peanuts stay that way, place a plate or pie pan on top of them. Over the next five hours, stir them once an hour.

What effects do peanuts have on a woman’s body?

The benefits of peanuts for ladies’ sexual health

Peanuts include folate, a nutrient that is hard to get from food sources yet is necessary for the female reproductive system. For this reason, women in particular benefit from eating peanuts. Additionally, they contain biotin, a vital mineral for pregnant women.

Do peanuts raise blood sugar levels? Peanuts help control blood sugar

Foods that cause a sharp rise in blood sugar are given a higher value.

Water, which has no effect on blood sugar, has a GI value of 0. Peanuts have a GI value of 13, thereby making them a low GI food.

Do raw peanuts freeze well? How to Choose and Store Raw Peanuts Safely

Raw peanuts must also be kept fresh by being kept in an airtight container in a dry, cool location, or, if shelled, in a freezer or refrigerator for up to six months.

Can you freeze roasted peanuts?

If you don’t intend to use the nuts or nut flours right away, we advise freezing them both.

Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds (shelled or unshelled) may all be frozen by simply wrapping them in plastic and placing them in a freezer bag that can be sealed.

How do you fry peanuts without burning them? How to Make Roasted Peanut for sale in Nigeria

Spread them out to air dry for at least 30 minutes in a single layer.

Add the air-dried peanuts and just enough oil to cover them in a clean wok. The heat should then be set to medium-low.

To ensure that the peanuts are heated uniformly and without burning, move them about slowly.

How do you soak groundnuts before frying?


  • Firstly, pour raw groundnut into a bowl, and pick out the bad ones.
  • Then, add water to soak for like 5 minutes.
  • After that, add salt and mix together, then allow sitting for 5 minutes
Does peanut lead to weight gain?

Despite having a lot of calories and fat, peanuts don’t seem to cause weight gain.

In fact, observational studies have demonstrated that eating peanuts may help you keep a healthy weight and lower your chance of becoming obese.

Can we consume peanuts at night?

Yes! Additionally, consuming peanuts before night will promote sleep. They are delicious as a snack, and peanut butter is rich in tryptophan.

Moreover, it increases metabolism, so you could perhaps burn more calories as you sleep.

Is roasted peanut beneficial for losing weight? good for weight loss?

Since they are high in fiber, protein, and good fats, they can help you maintain a healthy weight by making you feel fuller for longer.

Choose unflavored, raw, roasted, or boiled peanuts for the best results, and pay attention to serving sizes.

Why men should not eat peanuts?

For certain persons, an allergic reaction to peanuts can be fatal.

Due to their high-calorie content, peanuts should be used in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Peanuts contain a lot of phosphorus, which might interfere with your body’s ability to absorb other minerals like iron and zinc.

Does peanut increase belly fat?

If consumed in moderation, it is not associated with weight gain

As a result, eating peanut butter in moderation that is, including it in your daily calorie intake is unlikely to result in weight gain.

In actuality, most studies show a connection between eating nuts like peanut butter and peanuts and having a lower body weight.

Are peanuts good for hair?

Biotin is a nutrient that is abundant in peanuts and is known to promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

Up to 9 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and a special antioxidant profile can be found in a serving size of ¼ cup.

In addition to being quite satisfying, peanuts make a great meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans.


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