McGriddles Copy Cat Recipe | Bacon-Egg & Cheese

McGriddles sandwich is a type of breakfast sandwich sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s.

What Is McGriddle?

McGriddle is a popular McDonald’s breakfast sandwich with crunchy maple crystals in between two pancakes.

The McGriddle was released in 2003, predating the sweet and savory craze by nearly a decade.

It was expertly crafted by the same fast-food genius behind the Meat Lover’s Pizza and Smash burger.

It’s without a glitch a balanced breakfast meal of sweet and salty flavors and the price is quite affordable.

It is made by sandwiching omelette, cheese and bacon or sausage between two syrup infused pancakes

It comes in three varieties: sausage, egg, and cheese; bacon, egg, and cheese; and plain sausage.

But we’re focusing on the best of the best here: bacon, egg, and cheese.

Though this sandwich receives flack for its high calories and fat count, these days you can make the low carb/ keto/ gluten-free version.

McGriddle pancake is a wrapped breakfast and a little decadent but it remains one of McDonald’s most loved menu items.

McGriddles Recipe

We have McDonald’s Mc griddles to thank for the inspiration, but this homemade accomplishment goes above and beyond what the fast-food assembly line churns out.

How to Make Bacon-Egg & Cheese McGriddle

  • Prepare bacon and set aside
  • Prepare pancakes and set aside
  • Fry eggs to make the omelette
  • Assemble bacon egg and cheese sandwich

Homemade Mcdonald’s Mcgriddles


  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • 1 batch of pancake batter
  • 4 eggs
  • Four strips bacon, cooked and cut in half (or 4 cooked chicken sausage patties)
  • 4 slices American cheese


  1. Firstly, line up a small baking pan with parchment paper and stick it inside the freezer.
  2. Secondly, pour the syrup into a small pot and put over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, stirring continuously.
  3. Thirdly, cook it until it gets dark, thick, and almost looks “whipped,” for about 10 minutes. Once it emits a honey smell, remove it from the heat.
  4. Then, pour the syrup into the cool pan to chill and harden completely.
  5. Cautiously, using a rolling pin or the handle of a large spoon, crush the cooled syrup into small shards; then, set aside.
  6. Now on to the pancakes. Create a single batch of my pancake recipe or any recipe that will yield 8 4″ pancakes.
  7. In case you are using round molds for your pancakes, grease the insides with a little butter.
  8. Then, heat your griddle over medium heat until hot. Put some butter around on it and place as many pancake molds as you can on the griddle.
  9. Then, pour 2 tablespoons of batter into each mold, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of maple crystals evenly over the pancakes, and pour 2 more tablespoons of batter on top.
  10. Cook until the edges look dry and bubbles burst on top, leaving tiny craters. Remove the rings with tongs and flip the cakes. Cook for another 1 to 2 minutes until done.
  11. Lastly, top half of the pancakes with cheese, scrambled or fried egg, bacon or sausage, and another pancake. Finish them off with the remaining pancakes
  12. Eat and enjoy your snack right away!
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles

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