Nigerian Food ~ 60+ Nigerian Dishes to Try

Nigerian Food ~ 60+ Nigerian Dishes to Try. Please watch >>>>>

Nigerian cuisine comprises dishes or foodstuffs from the hundreds of ethnic groups that make up Nigeria.

What Is Nigerian Food?
Nigerian Foods
Nigerian Foods

Nigerian food represents the cuisines of the more than 250 ethnic groups that made up Nigeria.

It shares many resemblances with the cuisines of its West African and Central African neighbors like Ghana, Benin, and Cameroon.

Starchy food names like cassava, plantains, yam, rice, and beans feature very well in the Nigerian diet.

They’re often eaten with a wide array of hearty soups and stews made with different types of meat and vegetables.

Nigerians eat healthily, are fond of vegetable stews, and consume it several times a week.

Food in Nigeria

Nigerian food recipes like many time table/menu list in West Africa is known for being spicy and aromatic.

Jollof rice is possibly the most famous Nigerian dish but the cuisine has so much more to offer, particularly with its abundance of richly flavored soups and stews and also the “Fufu Nigeria swallow” dishes

Thanks to the internet, Nigerian cuisine is becoming more internationally recognized. More and more people are becoming aware of Nigerian foods.

Take a Taste of Nigerian-Inspired Meals

Are you feeling uninspired when trying to cook healthy meals? Please Don’t!

Nigerian meals provide new flavors for more exciting family meals. You can eat your favorite dishes using Nigerian staples while eating smart.

Traditional Nigerian foods include maize, cassava, yams, and plantains. Typical Nigerian meals are porridge, tomato stew, soups for example egusi soup, and jollof rice.

All of these foods can be used to create a Nigerian-inspired meal that will fit any food menu list or diet for weight issues whether to weight loss or weight gain or solve any health-related problems like diabetes, fibroid, cancer, high blood pressure, pregnancy, ulcer, etc.

Nigerian Fruits and vegetables

Nigeria has many local fruits and vegetables that are also easily found in grocery stores, food trucks, and even from the local markets.

Some examples of these are plantains, cucumbers, mango, pineapples, okra, and cabbage.

Chicken and fish are great protein choices! But, if you prefer no meat in your meal, plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, nuts, and soy protein are great replacements!

To round out the meal, you can add a serving of whole-grain rice. This is a delicious and healthy way to try new foods from other cultures! Enjoy

Nigerian food facts ~ did you know facts about Nigerian foods?

Unsanctioned Food Facts Every Nigerian Can Agree With

  • Swallow (amala, fufu, eba, garri) tastes better when you eat it with your hands
  • Jollof rice always tastes better the next day
  • You’re never too full to eat your meat (shaki)
  • The small packs of Indomie taste better than the big ones.
  • Moin moin tastes better when made with leaves
  • Akara tastes better when wrapped in newspaper
  • Suya tastes better when you eat it by yourself.
Nigerian Food near Me

The Good news is that Nigerian food and food stuff/ingredients are quite accessible near you.

If you’re one of those people that love African foods, then this list of 60 must-try traditional Nigerian dishes will whet your appetite even more.

Must-Try Nigerian Dishes

A list of dishes can be a lot to get through so this Nigerian food guide + (video above) has been organized in groups to make it easier to digest.

Click on a link to jump to any section of the guide. Don’t forget to thank me later

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