Nigerian Indomie Recipe – How to Make Indomie Noodles

Nigerian Indomie Recipe – noodle recipes are simply too many and both children and adults enjoy them.

With a series of good products and, of course, their often-mesmerizing ads, Indomie noodles have been able to captivate the hearts of most Nigerians.

Nigerian Indomie Recipe How to Make Indomie Noodles
Nigerian Indomie Recipe How to Make Indomie Noodles

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They’ve managed to get their items on the menus of most Nigerian households, including ours.

I never thought indomies were also for adults until I made and tried a specific recipe.

I’d go even further and make a list of alternative ways to make indomie in Nigeria. The three different recipes I’m aware of, as well as why children have grown to love and appreciate noodles.

I’m writing about this because I’d like to compile a collection of all known Nigerian breakfast recipes, ranging from complex to simple.

As I previously stated, the most popular breakfast food or breakfast recipe in Nigeria is a combination of tea and bread.

This noodle will finish either third or fourth.

Here’s how to make indomie noodles in Nigerian style, along with all of the other ingredients I like to use. The additional ingredients tend to add flavor and color to the noodle.

Personally, I enjoy eating a lot of onions and other veggies due to their high nutritional content.

However, this noodle comes with all of the ingredients you’ll need to make it.

Nigerian Indomie Recipe – How to Cook Noodles with Egg (Recipe #1)

Eggs can be added to noodles in a variety of ways. I could either boil the eggs and serve them as a topping or make something else with the ingredients specified below.

  • 2 Fresh tomatoes
  • sliced Onions
  • Fresh pepper
  • Eggs
  • 50ml vegetable oil

Note: In Nigeria, there are various competing noodle manufacturers with comparable goods to indomies. While many have become extinct, others are still flourishing and well.

Here’s how to make my first and most popular indomie recipe, which is best served for breakfast.

I use two super packs, two eggs, and a half cup of sliced onions in this recipe. 3 medium fresh tomatoes, plus salt & pepper to taste

The procedure is fairly straightforward.

Step 1

Cut the indomie into pieces and place it in a bowl with boiling water. Allow the noodles to soften for about five minutes.

Step 2

Preheat your frying pan, then add the sliced tomatoes, onions, and fresh pepper and cook for another five minutes.

After 4 minutes, drain the water from the noodles and add the remaining spices while still in the dish; the noodles will be soft and hot at this stage.

Step 3

Stir the two eggs together in the same bowl with the noodles before transferring to the frying pan.

The fried tomatoes, onions, and peppers are in the frying pan; heat and stir for about five minutes, and you’re done.

Serve with cool soft drinks. You just made one of my favorite Nigerian breakfasts.

Nigerian Indomie Recipe #2

This is another noodle meal that is quite popular in Lagos, where I live, and that I prefer to have in the morning or afternoon.

Simply prepare the noodles according to the package directions, then top with fried eggs.

Onions and fresh pepper are my favorite additions. There’s no need for any particular techniques; simply break the indomies into little pieces and start cooking with a cup of water, diced onions, and fresh peppers.

Finally, serve with fried eggs after your indomie noodles are done.

 Indomie Nigerian Recipe #3

This is the Nigerian kitchen’s most recent indomie recipe.

Because of the sweet corn, carrots, green beans, and a few other vegetables, I really like this. Check for the recipe below.

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Noodle Recipe #4

Finally, I’ll demonstrate how I produced the noodle plate with carrots, green beans, and cooked eggs shown above.

Noodles with Eggs and Vegetables | Indomie Noodle Recipes

In our house, we’ve grown to appreciate and eat noodles, and learning how to prepare them in a variety of ways is a plus.

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 10 mins

Total Time 15 mins

Course Breakfast

Cuisine Nigerian Cuisine

Servings 1 People

Calories 674 kcal

  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Diced Carrots
  • ½ Cup Chopped Green bean
  • 200 g Noodles
  • Noodle Follow-come spices


  1. Firstly, set a pot over medium heat, add two cups of water, and bring to a low boil. Then, dice the carrots and chop the green beans separately.
  2. Secondly, combine noodles, carrots, and green beans in a pot with boiling water.
  3. After that, allow simmering for 3 minutes, then add the remaining spices and cook for another minute.
  4. Lastly, toss everything together and serve with boiled eggs.

There are various alternative indomie recipes, but in my opinion, this one beats them all to a pulp.

Other Alternative Indomie Recipes:

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