Akara & Pap: Nigeria Breakfast food with Health Benefits

Akara and pap are one of Nigerians native breakfast food. Pap is cornmeal made from wet corn starch. The corn can be yellow or white. The processed corn grain is prepared with hot water to get a light liquid food. This acts as a good source of energy needed to begin the day.

Locally called Akamu, or Ogi, Pap baby food is used to complement breast milk as from 6 months in native Nigeria. In Adults, it is an easily absorbed food like a custard that doesn’t go wrong for anybody. Usually taken especially when one is recovering from an illness. Pap is a breakfast food for everybody, from rich to poor, old to Young.

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Akara, on the other hand, is a processed ground bean, turned into a fried cake. Made from beans and other ingredients like pepper, onions and other things that you may wish to add.

This amazing native cake has commercial importance in Nigeria because almost every joint has an Akara seller. Akara balls do not only fill the stomach, but it also increases the seller account too.

Akara and Pap make a balanced healthy breakfast food. Together they make a healthy combination with countless nutritional benefits. This good breakfast combination is considered the perfect way to start your day and here is why:

Akara & Pap Benefits

1. It is one of the Cheapest Nigerian Healthy Breakfast Food: When compared to the likes of bread and tea, golden morn and milk, beans and bread etc.

Pap which is in the categories of myriads of local foods is cheaper than all of them. With #100, you can buy a cup filled pap for #50 and 5 small Akara balls for #50. For me, that is the best breakfast meal in Nigeria as at today.

2. A high protein breakfast: This food combination gives the energy needed to kick start the day. Akara is rich in protein since its major source is from beans which is a healthy alternative to our meat and animal proteins.

Pap is wholly natural and it contains potassium which aids In lowering blood pressure, thereby maintaining normal blood pressure easily. This makes it a perfect breakfast meal for hypertensive patients.

Nursing mothers use pap because of its high water content which aids in the easy flow of breast milk after delivery. Pap is a perfect food when recuperating from illness because it is very easy to digest.

3. AN IDEAL BREAKFAST: Akara and pap is an ideal breakfast meal. Pap contains liquid which makes it light. Heavy foods are not advisable to be taken in the morning.

When compared to other breakfast foods like Bread and Tea, yam and Egg, bread and beans, etc. Ogi (Pap) and Akara top the list and not only is it an affordable meal, but it is also very nutritious.

4. Remarkable Nutritional Benefit: This food combination is no doubt a balanced meal for body enrichment and good health. The origin of corn, which pap is made from, is a rich carbohydrate source.

Akara gotten from Beans gives protein too. Honey and milk should be used when mixing our pap in exchange for white sugar in order to achieve the best health benefits.

5. Finally, it aids in Fertility: It’s no longer news that pap helps to “thicken” sperm. Men with watery sperm are advised to drink pap on regular basis. This works best when soya milk is added to it.


Akara On Fire
Akara On Fire

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