Best Home Remedy for Cough & Catarrh

Best Home Remedy for Cough in children, babies, toddlers, in pregnancy, for sore throat, cold, flu, with phlegm.

Generally speaking, coughing is perfectly normal. A cough can help to keep your throat clear from phlegm and other irritants.


Home remedy for cough
Home remedy for cough in Children

Coughs play a role in clearing irritants and infections from the body, but persistent coughing can be annoying.

However, the best treatment for a cough will depend on its underlying cause. There are many possible causes of coughs, including allergies, infections, and acid reflux.

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Along with medication treatment, you can ask your doctor about other options to help your cough.

Here we’ve listed a few home remedies to consider in this video…..

Some natural Home Remedies may help to relieve a cough

Honey – honey is a time-honored remedy for a sore throat.

Lemon – can be used in a variety of ways for curing coughs. Lemons have properties that reduce inflammation and also provide a dose of infection-fighting vitamin C.

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