Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis in humans
Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis in humans


  • The dangers of swallowing Guava or Tomato seed. Is it true that guava and tomato seeds can cause appendicitis if swallowed?

I don’t blame someone who believes it, because there is no known cause of appendicitis.

What Is Appendicitis and How Does It Affect You?

The inflammation of the appendix is known as appendicitis. The appendix is a long, narrow sac-like tissue that protrudes from the large intestine’s proximal (upstream) end.

It’s also a worm-like structure on the right side of your belly, towards the tip of your big intestine. It measures around 3.5 inches in length.

Except in babies, where it helps to establish their immunity, it doesn’t actually serve a purpose.

Because its function is unknown, it was once known as the vestigial organ.

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Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

Appendicitis is a common disorder, with research indicating that it affects 1 in every 15 persons.

Appendicitis occurs when your appendix is irritated (inflamed) and is obstructed by food, feces, or bacterias that comes from the large intestines.

. It swells and hurts as a result of this.

Appendicitis can strike at any age; however, it is uncommon in children under the age of two. It usually happens between the ages of 10 and 30.

The following are symptoms of appendicitis: Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

*Pain that radiates from your belly button to the right side of your abdomen.

*Extremely high body temperature

*Incapacity to release gas

*Vomiting and a decrease in appetite are common side effects.

Before the doctor can diagnose you with appendicitis, you’ll need to undergo a series of tests.

Functions Of Appendix ~ Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

Research studies have shown that it is responsible for the synthesis of endocrine cells during the early week of fetus development.

It is also accepted that it boosts the immune system as it functions as a lymphoid organ creating immunoglobulin antibodies and developing B-lymphoid cells.

It also produces biomolecules that channel the movement of lymphocytes within the human body

Can guava/tomato seeds really cause appendicitis? Is appendicitis preventable? 

  • Let’s look at two schools of thought.

Appendicitis is caused by a variety of factors that are unknown. Fruits like guava and tomato seed do not cause cancer directly.

1st school of thought ~ Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

It’s a fallacy that eating tomato or guava seeds can cause appendicitis. Although a tomato seed may occasionally be found in the deceased appendix of persons who have appendicitis, the seed is not the cause of appendicitis.

There is no scientific evidence linking tomato or guava seeds to appendicitis or any other health condition. As a result, these little seeds are safe to swallow; after all, how can you avoid swallowing tomato or guava seeds when consuming the fruit?

The second school of thought ~ Does Swallowing Guava or Tomato Seed Cause Appendicitis

Fruit seeds may cause appendicitis. Swallowed seeds of fruit may pass through your big intestine and end up in your appendix if you don’t eat them properly.

Fruit seeds are medicinal, but they must be chewed properly for your body to metabolize them.

Appendicitis does not always necessitate surgery. Drugs may be used to treat it in very mild cases, while surgery may be required in severe cases.

Appendicitis should not be ignored because it has the potential to rupture and spew its contents (feces, food, bacteria) into your abdomen.

This can spread to other organs, such as your liver, spleen, or stomach, resulting in a condition known as peritonitis.

Final Conclusion – Is it safe to swallow guava or tomato seeds? 

There is no special preventative, other than chewing your fruit seeds well before ingesting them, drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of vegetables, and seeking medical attention immediately if you experience abdominal pain.

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