Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods That Will Save You Money

Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods to help conserve money is our highlights today.

As the truth of the corona virus pandemic dawns on Nigeria, the effect of these measures directed at decreasing the spread of the virus has hit the economy too.

The effects are likely to cripple the economies of most countries and may lead to the failure of not too strong economies.

Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods That Will Save You Money
Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods That Will Save You Money

Nigerians are passing through some tough times. Some food items have even gone past the reach of the poor, while the middle and upper class have reduced the amount of some food items they buy.

Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods: Eating Healthy On a Budget

To save the situation and conserve money in these trying times notwithstanding the pandemic, it’s best to look inwards and build what we have because we are truly blessed

Necessity is the mother of invention. Below are Budget Friendly Nigerian Foods that will help you not only to save money but stay healthy too

Budget-Friendly Nigerian Foods: Low Budget Nigerian Dishes/Menu

A rich source of protein and one of the cheapest and most popular food items seen in many homes in the country

Beans come in different that are available in the market, going from the big white beans, the small white beans, the brown beans, and butter beans. Etc.

Beans is a versatile meal. There are several ways beans can be used as a food item in the home. No matter your preference, one constant thing is that beans are cheap considering the value.

Most people prefer to make their soup using common vegetables like water leaf, ugwu (Pumpkin leaves), bitter leaf, and scent leaf. Most vegetables are relatively cheap and offer a huge source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.


It is found in almost all parts of the country. It’s high in Carbohydrate and can be prepared in various ways– as eba for soups or soaked with water and eaten with groundnut, kuli kuli, or cooked/fried beans, subject to choice.

It is an affordable menu compared to food items like yam and other alternative products.

Okro is a vegetable popularly found in the country and is a rich source of calcium and magnesium. Okro soup offers many amazing benefits.

With N200 worth of Okro, N300 worth of fish, and N20 worth of ground pepper, your Okro soup is ready to be consumed. Believe me that N520 worth of Okro soup can be served for two days subject to your family size.

Roasted plantain is normally called boli. A popular snack that can be relished by everybody even if you are on a tight budget

Boli cost between N50 to N200, depending on the size and can be paired with red oil, bread, cooked beans, or roasted fish.

Oats are one of the low-priced healthy breakfast choices as they are laden with healthful nutrients. Oats with Akara combo is simply AMAzing!


Choosing any of the above cheap and healthy Nigerian food items will help you to cut on your food budget periodically without conceding on the daily nutritional needs of your family.

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