Top 20 Nigerian Desserts Everyone Must Try

Top 20 Nigerian Desserts Everyone Must Try

Top 20 Nigerian Desserts 2021 Image
Top 20 Nigerian Desserts 2021 Image

Nige-ria, dubbed “Africa’s Giant,” is a tremendously affluent country rich in culture, heritage, and a wide variety of excellent, mouth-watering cuisine and delicacies.

However, almost every African country is underrepresented when it comes to traditional desserts.

Nigeria’s cuisine and recipes are heavily influenced by its history, since interactions with many civilizations, particularly Europeans and the Arab world, led to the adoption and incorporation of several food items that have since become key components of the country’s cuisine.

Top 20 Nigerian Desserts

Nigerians eat a variety of desserts, some of which are little pieces of heaven fashioned from local ingredients.

Milk, flour, coconut, butter, groundnut, cassava, plantain, salt, pepper, and other ingredients are used to produce several Nigerian desserts.

Unlike in other parts of the world, where desserts are often sweet meals, some items eaten as dessert in Nigeria are not usually sweet.

Unlike in some other parts of the world, where desserts are often sweet dishes, some Nigerian desserts are not usually sweet.

This is mostly owing to an ancient habit of avoiding highly sweet foods and drinking concoctions created from bitter roots and plants for medicinal purposes.

Here are some delicious Top 20 Nigerian Desserts to try that will keep you coming back for more:

  1. Puff-Puff 

This is a popular Nigerian dessert that may also be consumed as a snack. It’s usually utilized for “little chops” on Nigerian occasions when it’s in lesser sizes. Before deep-frying in vegetable oil, puff-puff is prepared by spicing up the batter, notably with diced fresh pepper. This tasty dish is equally popular in various countries of Africa, however with minor differences.

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  1. Coconut Candy

These are chewy, crunchy, and candy-like, and are made from the coconut fruit. The coconut is thinly grated and fried in balls after being covered with caramel during the preparation process.

Depending on whether water is added or not, the hue of this delicacy is creamy or golden-brown. The water determines the caramelized hue.

  1. Akara (Bean Cakes)

In Nigeria, this is regarded to be one of the most popular desserts. It’s made from bean flour and can be spiced up with onions, pepper, crayfish, and other ingredients to taste.

It is deep-fried after being shaped into little balls. Akara can be served with pap or custard, or with potato, yam, or plantain fries and stew.

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  1. Chin Chin

This is delicious crunchy food that is typically consumed as a dessert. It’s made using a well-kneaded dough flavored with butter, milk, and eggs. Chin-chin is deep-fried or baked, and the size and form are often determined by personal desire.

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  1. Meat Pie 

This is a traditional Nigerian treat that can be found in practically every region. Other intercontinental places are believed to consume meat pie as well.

The spicy meat and vegetable filling wrapped in it before frying is what makes this dish unique. This delectable treat will float your boat.

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  1. Donkwa

This dish is linked with the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria and represents the enchantment of tradition and custom.

Donkwa is made from finely ground peanuts and cornmeal, which is then blended with modest amounts of water and oil and garnished with chili peppers.

After that, the mixture is molded into the desired shape, and your dessert is ready to serve.

  1. Maize & Coconut (Boiled or Roasted)

This delicious combination is served as a dessert and is particularly popular in Nigeria’s southern regions, where maize and coconut are plentiful.

Depending on personal choice, the corn is either boiled or roasted. Maize is also eaten with tiny pears by certain people. It’s a high-fiber mix.

  1. Nuts

Any cardiologist will tell you that nuts can save your life. In Nigeria, nuts such as groundnuts and cashew nuts are popular treats.

These nuts can be eaten alone or with bread, boli (roasted plantain), garden egg, cucumber, and other foods. These nuts will fill you full and keep you going for the rest of the day.

  1. Plantain chips

In Nigeria, this is a highly popular dish. Ripe or unripe plantain is used to make plantain chips.

Before deep-frying, the plantain is peeled and chopped into thin slices. The chips are crunchy and delicious. This may be one of Nigeria’s oldest sweets.

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  1. Egg rolls

This Nigerian treat resembles scotch eggs at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it is quite different.

Egg rolls are made by wrapping hard-boiled eggs in the dough and deep-frying them in vegetable oil. It is highly popular in Nigeria, and everyone enjoys it.

however with minor differences.

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  1. Kokoro 

The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria are known for their dessert. Kokoro is crunchy cornmeal mixed with sugar, water, and maize in a specifically prepared dough.

After that, the mixture is shaped into desired shapes and deep-fried. Spices could be utilized as well, depending on personal preferences.

  1. Kuli Kuli (Groundnut Cake)

The Hausa people of northern Nigeria are especially known for this treat. Kuli-kuli is made with ground and flavored roasted groundnuts that are deep-fried. It offers a wide range of sizes and recipe options. This dish is delicious on its own or served with soaked garri. Kuli-kuli is a traditional Nigerian dessert.

  1. Kilishi

Among the Hausa people of northern Nigeria, this is a popular meat delicacy. Beef, mutton, or chevon are used to make kilishi. The lean meat is thinly sliced and sun-dried for a few hours.

These dried meat sheets are then dipped in Labu, groundnut, seasoning, sugar, pepper, and salt mixture, before being sun-dried for a longer amount of time.

The resulting product can be roasted and consumed as a dessert over an open fire. Kilishi may be stored for months without losing its flavor.

  • Yoyo

Sprats that have been lightly crushed and fried. Sprats are small oily fish related to the exceedingly active herring family.

Yoyo is a nutritious treat that is high in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart and help reduce blood clotting.

This dish is quite popular in Nigeria’s coastal regions, particularly in the south.

  1. Suya

Simply cut beef that has been seasoned and cooked over an open flame. Fresh cabbage, tomatoes, and onions are offered alongside.

It’s generally wrapped in old newspaper or aluminum foil and served as a dessert, particularly in the evenings when it’s cool.

The Hausa people of northern Nigeria are known for their spicy delicacy. Before grilling, the meat is frequently seasoned with a specific spice blend called Yaji.

  1. Boli (Roasted Plantain)

This is yet another delectable treat that can be found in Nigeria. The plantain is peeled and cooked over an open fire until blackened on the outside.

The charred part is then peeled away, and the finished product is served with roasted groundnuts or olive oil, pepper, and salt mixture.

In Nigeria, this is one dish that you can never go wrong with.

  1. Ukwa (African breadfruit)

African breadfruit seeds are also roasted and consumed as a dessert, particularly by the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria.

Dried breadfruits are available in a variety of colors and textures, ranging from dark brown hard dried breadfruits to lighter brown softer dried breadfruits.

Ukwa is a nutrient-dense food that is enjoyed by both young and old.

  1. Date Palms

This is an extremely nutritious dessert that is popular in Nigeria’s northern regions.

Dates are produced on a date palm tree and come in a variety of textures ranging from soft to dry.

They may be stored for a long time if properly refrigerated.

Top 20 Nigerian Desserts Summary

Give yourself a treat of one of these desserts the next time you visit Nigeria. I’m sure you’ll continue to ask for more.

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